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Business Litigation

Business Litigation

The members of Elkind and DiMento, P.A. have substantial experience in the representation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies, their officers, directors, members and shareholders in general litigation disputes as well as in disputes between the various officers, directors, members and shareholders against one another. We regularly handle cases for either the plaintiff or defendant, or for either a Company or an individual. A sample of cases we have been involved in either in prosecution or defense, include but are not limited to the following actions: fraud, breach of contract, intentional interference with contractual relationships, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, breach of restrictive covenants, breach of confidentiality, trade secret protection actions, theft of intellectual property, theft of confidential information, unfair competition, conspiracy, breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, collection actions, consumer fraud actions, closely held corporation disputes, partnership disputes, limited liability company disputes and actions on behalf of minority shareholders or members in closely held corporations as well as actions involving allegations of breach of fiduciary duty by officers, directors, members and shareholders. We also handle on behalf of our clients claims for monies owed and defend our clients aggressively against claims of monies owed.

We fully understand the dynamics of partnership, limited liability company and corporate relationships between majority and minority members and shareholders and members and the conflicts that can arise in regard to the differing expectations of the partners, shareholders or members regarding business management, salary and distribution of income and profits.

Our seasoned litigators are as comfortable representing the Plaintiff as we are representing the Defendant and we regularly represent individuals, organizations, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations whom bring an action (the Plaintiff) as well as individuals, organizations, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies whom are sued (the Defendant).

Members of our firm are seasoned litigators with more than 40 years of experience in a court room. We are proficient with all procedural rules of Court. We are comfortable within meetings or within a Court room and are extremely capable in representing our clients in such an unfamiliar setting as a Court room. Our years of litigation experience enable us to prepare our clients for all aspects of litigation and to act in a proactive manner and develop practical and cost economic strategies for resolving difficult cases on behalf of our clients.

The members of Elkind and DiMento, P.A. have developed substantial experience in the litigation of numerous and diverse claims across the business spectrum.