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At Elkind and DiMento, P.A., we represent both Buyers and Sellers of homes. The purchase or sale of our client’s home is a matter of extreme importance. It is our role to protect our clients from start to finish in each transaction. We will negotiate the terms of a purchase or sale on behalf of our clients and prepare appropriate documents. If a Contract is prepared by a realtor prior to our involvement, we will review the Contract and request modifications necessary to protect the interests of our clients. Once the Contract has been finalized, we continue to represent our clients until a satisfactory conclusion and handle each and every issue that may come up throughout the process.

Important Note for purchases and sales of 1-4 family residential property: All Contracts for Sale of 1-4 family residential properties prepared by Realtors within the State of New Jersey provide for a three (3) business day attorney review period. One of the biggest mistakes clients make is failing to have an attorney involved prior to the conclusion of the three (3) day attorney right of review period. In many instances, Elkind and DiMento, P.A., suggests modifications to the Contracts prepared by Realtors in order to better protect our clients’ interests. Pursuant to the terms of real estate Contracts prepared in New Jersey by Realtors, an attorney for a Buyer or Seller has the right to review and disapprove of the Contract, within the three (3) business day period. In the absence of an attorney review within this three (3) business day period (from the date of delivery of the fully signed Contract), the Contract becomes legally binding. Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays are not included within this three (3) business day period. It is therefore very important to contact Elkind and DiMento, P.A. for our review of the Contract within the three (3) business day right of review period, so that any necessary modifications may be made and so that your rights may be protected.

We also carefully monitor the strict time limits within Contracts for their performance such as the obtainment of mortgages and inspections, make certain that appropriate payoffs are obtained and that necessary certificates are obtained from local townships. Elkind and DiMento, P.A. will also attend the Closing in order to make certain that the interests of our clients are fully protected until the conclusion of the transaction.

Elkind and DiMento, P.A.’s services also include legal services for the construction of new homes and remodeling or construction projects within existing homes and condominiums. In the event of a dispute, we have substantial experience in real estate litigation and construction litigation and are able to represent our clients in all issues that arise during the course of a dispute.