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Limited Liability Companies

Limited Liability Companies

Elkind and DiMento, P.A. is a business and transactional law firm with extensive experience providing service to limited liability companies. We represent many limited liability companies with whom we develop a significant and long standing relationship. We are present with our clients at the time of formation of their business and are there to guide them through the establishment and growth of their business operations. Many limited liability companies rely on Elkind and DiMento, P.A. as their general counsel and sounding board and are welcome to contact us with all issues having legal implications that may come up during the course of a day. Many limited liability companies do not have corporate counsel on staff and find that contacting large law firms with corporate departments proves too expensive for their bottom line. We are always aware of costs and work with our clients to establish and grow their businesses in as cost effective a manner as possible.

Our firm has represented limited liability companies in every stage of their development, from inception, to acquisition, to sale or dissolution. We have substantial experience in the formation of limited liability companies as well as in preparation of their operating agreements and agreements between members. We are experienced in the handling of basic transactions as well as in representing limited liability companies in sophisticated transactions and financing /loan activities.

We are available to advise and represent our business clients as well as their officers and members, and can be counted on to provide sound legal advice so that our clients may make sound business judgments.

We also work closely with other professionals employed by our clients such as company accountants. We are available to help your business on a case by case basis as your needs grow. Our goal at Elkind and DiMento, P.A. is to enable our business clients to carry out their strategies and accomplish their goals in as cost effective a manner as possible.